Fan Yang


Tel: 780-885-7077


Fan Yang is our team leader and a co-founder of Mozaic Realty Group. 

The combination of passion, talent, and dedication is unstoppable. Fan Yang started his real estate career in 2009 and worked his way up to become top 1% of all Century 21 Canada REALTORS®, all in the span of less than two years’ time, and stayed there ever since as one of Edmonton's most prominent Realtor. In 2019, Fan stepped up his game by co-founding Mosaic Realty Group, where he has more flexibility and resource to make the team more competitive in the Edmonton market.

Early in 2012, Fan Yang started his own team of real estate agents to accommodate his rapidly expanding customer base. Highly selective in his recruitment and demanding the very best in service and teamwork from members, Fan Yang’s team has become a local legend, an incubator of the most brilliant and productive real estate talents in Edmonton. Numerous clients have benefited from their remarkable work, and they have been the recipients of a multitude of awards. The GRAND CENTURION® Producer Award has become an annual achievement for each member of Fan Yang’s team since 2012, and Fan Yang’s ranking in Century 21’s yearly individual production list kept rising to hit No. 3 in Canada in 2015.

For a REALTOR® whose battlefield is the peaceful market of Edmonton, achieving the position of No. 3 in Canada is an incredible feat, but for Fan Yang and his team, this is just another new record that they will keep breaking. The reason is simple: they are not just your average good realtors. They are the real estate masters with the right heart, the deepest knowledge, the richest experience, and the most comprehensive resources you can imagine. Indeed, be it a search for your dream home, a hunt for the best investment, or a property-selling mission in Greater Edmonton, you are just a call away from the highest quality service and the greatest satisfaction possible. With your best interests in heart and mind, Fan Yang and his team are looking forward to the opportunity of working with you to make your dreams a reality!